Preparing for the upcoming high season

September 14, 2017
It is raining on Koh Chang and Cliff Cottage resort is wet
October 3, 2017

Preparing for the upcoming high season

It’s the end of September and preparations for the upcoming high season are in full swing.  We are renovating the restaurant.  Parts of the wooden floor will be replaced by a cement floor and a whole new roof will be build and double as a rain catching area. There is no communal water supply on Koh Chang and every hotel and resort that does not have access to ground water has to fend for themselves. In spite of an average rain fall of between 6 and 7 meters, water is scarce on Koh Chang.  We therefor encourage our guests to save water by taking short showers and not leave the tap running while brushing teeth.  It also helps a lot if guests do not exchange their towels every day.

As you can see on the picture, the view from the restaurant is still the same and will not change because we have no noisy or nosy neighbors. It’s a private bay, allegedly also the best snorkel spot on Koh Chang. Plenty of corals and so much fish that local restaurant owners regularly come with their fishing gear to catch your evening meal. You can do the same, we have rental fishing gear available in reception. Catch a few fish and ask our cooks to prepare a meal for you.  Make it a day trip by using one of our sea kayaks (free for guests that stay 3 night or longer). Peddle to one of the ‘secret’ beaches that can’t be reached on foot. Bring lunch from our restaurant and enjoy a picnic on a private beach

Or join on a dive- or snorkel trip on one of the boats of Scubadawgs, number 1 ranked on Tripadvisor, and spend a day out on the sea.  There is plenty to do and to see around Bang Bao.  Serenity, tranquility and peace!

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