It is raining on Koh Chang and Cliff Cottage resort is wet

Preparing for the upcoming high season
September 25, 2017

It is raining on Koh Chang and Cliff Cottage resort is wet

It is raining on Koh Chang and Cliff Cottage resort is wet.


September had relatively very good weather, many more sunny days than rainy days. But those who thought the rainy season was over were sadly mistaken.  Fortunately Cliff Cottage resort is build on a cliff and there is no risk of flooding. The main street in Bang Bao looked like a shallow river this morning. Good news for the shop staff of the Scubadawgs shop that is situated on that street, because they do not have to sweep the area around the shop.

The renovation of the seaside restaurant of Cliff Cottage is progressing nicely. There are two teams working 10 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure that our guests in the upcoming high season will be more comfortable than ever before.   Speaking of the restaurant,  our chef Rattanapron won first prize at a local contest that was held in combination with a course about how to improve the quality of the dishes that we serve and the use of healthy ingredients.  The new menu is also almost ready to print. We added many interesting home made dishes that will tickle the taste buds of our guestS and of people that come to eat in our restaurant and enjoy the magnificent views over the private cove in from of the restaurant.  The cove is the most interesting place to snorkel around Koh Chang.

During the winter period from early November to late March the weather on Koh Chang is perfect and the water in the cove is very calm. Hundreds of our guests enjoy the colorful corals or use one of our kayaks (free for guests that stay 3 nights or longer) to explore the coastline or paddle leisurely to Bang Bao fishing village (build for a large part on stilts) to buy some fresh fruit or enjoy the many shops that sells all sorts of stuff.

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